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I recently returned from a trip to Croatia.  It was filled with unexpected sights and sounds, which is what we all seem to hope for on a visit to another country. I was in Zagreb, Croatia walking around the oldest part of the city.  (Old, as in hundreds of years)  As I walked down a narrow, […]

The Messenger

Recently, I worked with a Mom who was concerned about information she was learning from Sam, her four year-old son.  She reported the divorce has been final for three years and was concerned about the lack of communication with her former spouse. When I asked her to give me an example, she told me she […]

Say What’s True Right Now

I just returned from Florida’s Third Annual State Collaborative Conference. (Collaborative Family Law Council of Florida)  I was honored to be asked to present, while there, and my topic was “A Closer Look at the “I” in Collaborative Cases.” I asked participants, in the description, to come with an open mind and a willingness to […]

Flipping A Coin

Recently, I was standing the living room of a couple who chose the collaborative process for their divorce. My task was to help them divide their furnishings in a respectful way that felt “fair” to both of them. Whenever a few moments passed with discussion and no agreement, I simply said “Heads or Tails.” They […]